Deals with various natural and artificial toxic substances and poisons in detail along with their antidotes, signs and symptoms and legal aspects of medical ethics and standards


  • To bring law and medicine together for preparing medical students for their medical, legal and social duties in the medical profession.
  • To give sufficient knowledge to handle the cases of poisoning.
  • To train undergraduates and post graduates of Ayurvedic medicine and professionals in fields related to forensic medicine.


  • To create a “first contact physician” who is aware of medical ethics, duties and various acts governing medical practice.
  • To produce a doctor who is well informed about medico-legal responsibilities during the practice of medicine.
  • To provide the services of the judicial medical officer, forensic pathology, and clinical forensic medicine.
  • To make the Ayurved graduates capable of making an observation and inferring conclusion by logical deductions to set inquiries on the right track in criminal manners and associated medico-legal problems.
  • To create interest in research related to toxicology and various medico legal problems.