It’s a complete science of herbal plants. It’s including pharmacognosy, pharmacology and therapeutic uses of the plants. Ayurvedic drugs, especially herbs are prescribed in different pharmaceutical forms, to get maximum therapeutic effect.

The word Drava guna consists of 2 words:

  1. Dravya = material of thing which can be living or not living.
  2. Guna = properties

According to Charaka, there is nothing on the earth which is not medicine. That’s why Ayurveda considers all substances as medicine if used for specific purposes in an appropriate way.

Department of Dravyaguna (Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy)

Study fundamental principles of Ayurvedic raw materials with their application and uses.Theory and practicals on Ayurvedic raw materials like herbs, minerals and animal products with modern technology.

Standardization and analysis of ingredients as per modern and Ayurvedic methodology at well equipped modern analytical laboratory in the department.

  • Study of pharmacology and therapeutics
  • Study of cultivation and plantation of medicinal plants.
  • Consists of soft and hard copy of herbal data base
  • In-house storage of genuine samples of raw materials for further references
  • Organizes botanical tours every year for practical exploration.

Instruments & Equipment

  1. Compound Microscope
  2. Dissecting Microscope
  3. Dissection Box. Etc