Kaumarbhritya – Bala Roga

Ayurvedic medicine has gained wide recognition for its contribution to general medicine (Charaka ‘s treatise on Diabetes etc) and surgery (Plastic Surgery and cataract instrumentation of Sushruta). However, less is known to the modern world about its contribution to newborn care, perinatal care, and pediatric care. Although it is known that Newborn and Pediatric care was well described in different texts of Ayurveda, the first exclusive text book of Kaumarabhritya viz. Kashyapa Samhita dated 6thCentury BC.

 The Department of Kaumarabhritya seeks to improve the health of children across India and beyond through excellence in the care of Children and families.

The Department also seeks to excel in academics, research and in the education of clinicians and scientists.


 To be the leading department of Ayurvedic pediatrics in the globe,
in imparting knowledge, skills, caring child health and research.


  • To impart complete theoretical, clinical and practical knowledge to the students of Kaumarabhritya.
  • To generate research minded, knowledge seeking and knowledge expanding clinicians and academicians.
  • To globalize the Ayurvedic principles of child health care
  • Provide facilities to the graduates and postgraduates for the intellectual/ skill growth and braveness to serve the mankind.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops for uplifting the knowledge of the scholars of the discipline
  • To serve as a part of national immunization program with Ayurvedic immune boosters
  • To provide the scope of job facilities in national and international level
  • Conduct camps and health awareness programs with the objective of imparting knowledge of basic Ayurveda among the school going children, parents, and society.
  • To systematize and impart Preventive Ayurvedic Pediatrics
  • To systematize Ayurvedic Pediatric Medication, treatment protocols, Drug doses, drug forms, Panchakarma, Nutrition, growth, and development.
  • To strengthen Ayurvedic Pediatric Literature.