This subject of Rognian Evam Vikrutivigyan plays a vital role in medical science. The Post graduate studies in this concern subject are designed in such a way that the students become a good researcher, academician & confident medical professional so that the basic diagnostic principles of Ayurveda would be elaborated & the science is to be enriched & enhanced.

  • Learning the technique of clinical examination of patients as per Ayurvedic and Modern principles of diagnosis.
  • Learning of modern investigation methodologies viz. pathology, biochemistry, radiology, ECG etc. in laboratory and hospitals
  • Learning theory of disease and patients.
  • Learning of Prakriti Parikshana and Nadi Pariksha.


  • To transit Ayurved & modern science.
  • To focus on Ayurvedic diagnostic methodology.
  • To interpret ate Laboratory and Radiological investigation in Ayurvedic perspective.
  • To make students more innovative & best clinician.