Shalyatantra is one of a distinct branch of Ayurveda which explains and demonstrates surgical knowledge and procedures that were performed and used since thousands of years and are useful even today. The uniqueness of this department is the clinical skill lab and OT which trains the UG ‘s and PG ‘s in both the aspects I,e theoretical and practical(hands on training).


Evolving a competent surgeon to the society with complete surgical and medicinal knowledge, skills for the care of patients


Propagating the techniques of Classical Shalyatantra with global standards by integrative education to Ayurveda health service providers for the achievement of skillful and competent surgical care to our society.


Inculcating the students and faculty in practicing the classical surgical techniques with integrative teaching, hands on training and skillful surgical methods for the clinical achievement in innovative, safe and effective surgical modalities, and keeping ahead with the recent trends by scientific researchers


  • Providing the competent surgical and medicinal knowledge.
  • Skills for the care of patients with complex problems that difficult to diagnose and to manage.
  • Demonstrating decision-making skills for treatment and referral to deliver comprehensive management for the patient.

Department human resources, infrastructure, research domains and any outstanding or peripheral communities/ activities

Department possess experienced and well-trained faculty along with unique clinical skill lab(Yogya) that imparts practical hands on training to Ug ‘s and PG ‘s. Museum, departmental library, well equipped Major and Minor OT, Kshara sutra lab are other assets of the department.

The thrust areas of the department are developing unique operative techniques in Ano rectal diseases, Kshara sutra development, Raksha karma (Sterilization), dustavrana, development of minimally invasive techniques and instruments for updating the disease management, burns, development of new formulations for chronic wound management, Haemostyptic studies, anushalya karma.

Department has established Yogya (clinical skill lab) which has suturing models, incision models, manniquins on various surgical procedures are demonstrated, Bandha model, IV cannulation model etc. Kshara sutra lab produces various medicated threads for clinical application in and rectal condition all these helps to mold the scholars and helps to produced good surgeons for the society.